PT. Citra Muda Perkasa Solution

Citra Muda Perkasa Solution (CMPS), is a professional institution in the area of learning and Development programs, and a reputable name in the Organization Development Training and Consulting. Citra Muda Perkasa Solution, L&D designed the learning interventions to understand and meet specific needs of our customer organization and provide a variety of modern and flexible delivery options.

Our associates are experienced in Learning and Organization Development consultant specialized in a range of flexible learning approaches to support organizational development, team development and personal development.

Our goal is to offer custom development solutions in order to design and deliver a range of accredited management for client. Our extensive skills develops the concept : service includes activities that are capable for designing and delivering management development programs for human resources from various industrial companies.

As an expert in training institution, Citra Muda Perkasa Solution, L&D is provide a multi-faceted activities program such as :

√ To design effective decentralization strategies

√ To identify appropriate solutions, knowledge and tailoring them to the local context

√ To facilitating consultative processes to encourage the beneficiaries of development project.

√ Implementation and monitoring of such projects.

√ Introduce a communication strategy to improve the ability in the process of information sharing among various groups of individual

From beginning until the future CMPS Training will be the best and independence Institution from concept, methodology, trainer by consistently providing a reliable, affordable to give the best deliver result for our customer with confidence.

♦ To be an exciting and effective learning, development and consulting organization which, Creates, develops and assesses high quality accredited training
♦ To Create value and make a different in serving and develops accredited professional development
♦ Serving all our customers with integrity and fairness and with a view toward a long-term relationship